Check out these classic Podge & Rodge mp3 soundfiles.

If you want to use any of these (or anything else on the site), cool, just don't go taking the fucking credit for it, like certain assholes writing into 2FM.

The first words uttered by Podge on t.v.

Unhelpful hotel receptionist

Patrick Edgop appears on The Den Is Ten

Patrick Egdop gets a little stroppy

"Howya. I'm Keith from Boyzone"

Summoning up the Quare Fella

One of Rodge's choice exclamations

Pony Mahoney

Mr. Ballsac's positive parenting

The advantages of being Rex the dog

F**king Brad Fukoffski

Johnny Ballsac's premature boasting

Pinose - hotel special taxi driver

Pinose - doom-bearing lawyer

American tourists

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